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My aunt's been sick lately, but we thought she dodged a bullet when the specialist her primary sent her to said he didn't think it was serious but they would have to do more tests before they knew for sure. The primary doctor ran the new tests the specialist asked for and she went to the doctor today. Then she posted on Facebook: "Didnt get the greatest news from my doc yesterday. Lots of blood work indicate I may have something bad going on. To see a hematologist/oncologist May 21. Wish me luck."

Oncology means cancer doctor.

She's one of the few people who are still alive in my family that can tell me about our history or who remember my parents.

And for the past few years, everyone dies two years apart. My mom died in 2012. I really don't want this to be the 2014 chain link of that cycle.

God, I just can't take this anymore. I feel like for the past few years I've been stuck in some horrible nightmare I'm never going to escape.

I sent an email to my sister basically telling her that she should give a shit about her family and maybe pick up the phone and call my aunt because she might have cancer, since she's cut everyone out of her life lately. So sick of her treating the family like dirt.

Other than that, there nothing I can really do but wait. And let Danny fuss over me to make sure I'm okay and let him hold me when I cry.
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