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Wedding Nonsense

I think this note I wrote to the nice people at the Etsy company describes the kind of day I've been having:

To the kind people at Ieie,

This is a bit long, I'm sorry.

So here I am, having a rather bad day and stressing about my wedding, like most crazed brides. You see, I thought I had picked out 4 different dresses and would have a hard time deciding between all of them. Apparently though, once I started looking into the websites they were listed on as someone suggested I found that all 4 different dresses were on fraud sites, chinese wholesale places that are only in business to rip poor impressionable young brides like myself off.

I cried for a bit, pouted and went bridezilla for a while, but then someone suggested I try looking on Etsy. I like Etsy, I like that the money goes directly to the people who make the very creative things here. Many of my friends are Etsy users. It's all good.

But I was still teary for I had been a fool before and surely there wasn't anyone out there who would have anything like what I imagined for the price I had hoped.

Then I saw YOUR store. True, it's a few hundred dollars over what I thought I would be paying-- but my god, the quality and sheer beauty of the design and work you clearly put in to these gowns.

There was nothing that matched the picture I had in my head though. I have always wanted a burgundy and white dress-- and all the ones I've picked out (which you can see here: were kind of very much the same design.

But then I saw a dress that stopped me in my tracks. Everyone tells these tales of just "knowing" when a dress is supposed to be The One, but I've never believed that. A dress is a dress is a dress. But then I never believed in love either before I met my fiance. It's true what they say, when you know, you know.

I CAN NOT stop starring at this page:

Though I keep thinking maybe you could customize it and make some of the pink flowers burgundy. Is that even possible? Would you charge me an arm and a leg for asking for something so extravagant?

I'm on a budget but I am willing to stretch it a little.

I sit here, waiting for your reply now. I can sit here for a while. My wedding's not until June 2014 (maybe 2015 if it gets pushed back again). I'm actually kind of interested in the part where it says "Promotion: $50 off if you're able to wait 5-6 month for your dress."

But I'm still going to be sitting here biting my nails until you reply.

Janet Jongebloed

(...I've also gotten NO sleep which is putting me in a weird mood.)
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