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I posted this someplace else today, so I might as well post it here.

In 2nd grade, my teacher caught me reading my older sister's books during reading time. I had grown tired of the "See Jane Run" variety of books the 2nd grade had to offer (good god, no character development at all-- it was probably the first sign I was going to grow up to be a writer).

My sister was in the 5th grade and she had a series of books about these two Nancy Drew-type detectives that went around solving crimes about missing pets. Sooooo much cooler than the See Jane Do Whatever The Hell Jane Was Doing books. I couldn't understand EVERY word, but I got the gist and learned some new words along the way and basically taught myself how to read at a much higher reading level just because the plots were so much better.

I also didn't read out loud or sound out words, like my other classmates did, so the teacher thought I was just looking at the pictures at first.. but the book didn't really have pictures. Then he figured something was really up, called up my parents and pretty soon I was hauled out of class (I thought I had done something wrong at first) and sent for testing.

They told me and my parents I could be "gifted". My mother was VERY excited.... but then they started testing other areas of my brain-- math and the like. I hate math. I CAN'T math. When god was creating me, he put all my character creation points into language. As such, they soon found out that I really couldn't math at all, they told me and my parents they had made a HUGE mistake and I wasn't gifted at all and my god, I may just be a drooling idiot as well and they didn't know why they had wasted my time.

After that, I stopped trying to be gifted and just wanted to be left alone to read my damn books about teenagers stopping crime while the rest of the class still tried to sound out "See... Jane.. Tell The School Board To Flip Off".
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