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Angel, Lindsey/Spike, "Uhh, Spike... that shirt's pink!"

Angel, Angel/Wesley/Gunn, tension

Angel, Lindsey/Spike, "When you said toys, I thought you meant..."

Angel, Spike/Angel, professional distance

Angel, Illyria, sunlight

Angel, Connor/Lindsay, you belong to me

Angel, Fred & Angel, Books

Angel, Fred & Angel, Ice cream

Angel, Angel & Spike, Endings

Angel, Illyria & Angel, Patterns

Angel, Connor, Poetry

Angel, Spike, Cavemen Vs. Astronauts

Angel, Spike, Sounds

Angel, Angel & Lorne, Weapons

Angel, Fred & Lorne, Playing

Angel, Gunn, Playing

Angel, Connor, Transportation

Angel, Spike & Illyria, Airplane

Angel, Illyria & Wesley, Invitation

Angel, Harmony, People are friend not food!

Angel, Wesley & Illyria, Eyes

Angel, Connor, Ring

Angel, Connor & Spike, Work


BtvS, Oz/Xander, awesome

Buffy, Giles/Oz, 'That doesn't mean what you think it does'

Buffy, Xander/slayers, Odin and his Valkyries

Buffy, Willow/Tara; uh, help! *looks at wings and tail, passes out*

Buffy, Xander/Buffy, first look under the patch

Buffy, Anya/Giles, I like seeing you like this

Buffy, ranting!Willow/everyone (gen plz), anti-pagan holidays with pagan symbolism

Buffy, Dracula/Xander, International Talk-like-a-Pirate Day

Buffy, Spike/Buffy, Season 6, Buffy dreams she's on trial for domestic abuse

Buffy, Willow/Tara, military

Buffy, Spike/Xander, on the relationship of Dom/Brian (The Fast and the Furious)

Buffy, Spike/Buffy, You're what?

Buffy, Spike/Dawn, How could you embarrass me like that

Buffy, Evil!Faith/Angelus, One by one, down they go.

Buffy, Dawn, Books

Buffy, Willow, Elements

Buffy, Spike & Dawn, Food

Buffy, Spike, Hands

Buffy, Miss Kitty Fantastico, Minor Character

Buffy, Buffy & Spike, Punishment

Buffy, Spike & Dawn, sex

Buffy, Spike/Dawn, Tarot Cards

Buffy, Xander, Training

Buffy, Darla, Wallet

Buffy, Slayer-In-Training, Hair

Buffy, Drusilla, Stars

Buffy, Buffy, Smile

Buffy, Spike/Dawn, Changes

Buffy, Tara/Willow, Rewritten Scene

Buffy, Buffy, Halloween

Buffy, Xander, Illness

Buffy, Xander/Anya, Watch

Buffy, Spike & Dawn, Shakespeare

Buffy, Xander/Faith & Willow, Why

Buffy, Xander & Willow, Secret

Buffy, Dawn, Missing Scene From Once More With Feeling

Buffy, Buffy & Xander, Prophecy Girl

Buffy, Buffy, 1980s

Buffy, Drusilla, Ring

Buffy, Spike, David Bowie Song Titles

Buffy, Spike & Dawn, Only Dialogue

Buffy, Angel & Dawn, Driving

Buffy, Buffy & Angel, Beatles Song Titles

Buffy, Spike & Dawn, Independance

Buffy, Cheeseman, Inanimate Objects

Buffy, New Big Bad, Censorship


Charmed, Prue/Paige, ghost


Due South, girl!Fraser/Victoria, touch me fall


Heroes, author's choice, orgy

Heroes, Sylar/Luke - a little green (whatever meaning you want that to have)

Heroes, Sylar/Luke, drive in movie

Heroes, Peter/Nathan, "Wait... You weren't actually drunk!"

Heroes, Claire/Elle, birthday cake

Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, "This is a gay bar? I had no idea!"

Heroes, Micah/Molly, hide and seek

Heroes, Daniel Linderman/Angela Petrelli, "The night you can't remember, the night I can't forget."

Heroes, Niki/Tracy, we could help each other

Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, sharing the blame

Heroes, Sylar/Danko, "Who are we hunting?" "No one, I just like the music here. Let's dance."

Heroes, werewolf!Mohinder/Sylar, unlikely cures

Heroes, Nathan/Hiro, using touch to communicate

Heroes, Mohinder/any male character, "We're getting gay married, and I am not wearing this dress!"

Heroes, Maya/Peter, too stupid to live

Heroes, Peter/Maya, bullet wounds

Joan Of Arcadia

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & God, Lyrics

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & God, Journey

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & Jude(ith), Genderbender

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & God, Questions

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & God, Life & Death

Joan of Arcadia, Joan & God, Halloween

Joan of Arcadia, Grace, Boyfriend


Roswell, Michael/Isabel, In the King's chair


RPS, Ashley Olsen/Mary Kate Olsen, fragile

RPF, Jared Padalecki/Eliza Dushku, beautiful smile


Supernatural, demon!Sam/evil!Dean, "Do you know how difficult it is to fake your own death? Only one man has pulled it off. Elvis!" (The X-Files)

Supernatural, author's choice, stupid judges (Project Runway or Top Chef or American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or Who Wants to Be a Supermodel)

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "Can't you ask me an intelligent question?" - "I didn't want to confuse you." (All in the family)

Supernatural, Ruby/Azazel, the master plan

Supernatural, Sam and Dean, got your back

Supernatual, teenage Dean/teenage Sam; dog and peanut butter

Supernatural, Dean/Lisa, Dream a little dream

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Sam has a prophetic dream about Dean which spurs him down this road with Ruby and the demon blood

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, why?

Supernatural, weechesters, the boys are watching Romper Room and Sammy wants to know why Miss Nancy never sees them in her magic mirror.

Supernatural, Sam/Andy Gallagher, Because I Got High – Afroman

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Supernatural, Dean/Carmen, future

Supernatural, Sam/Sarah, "Lips Like Morphine" (Kill Hannah)

Supernatural, Sam/authors choice, all tied up and pegging

Supernatural, Dean/random guy, Safe and fuck by the hunter

Supernatural, Castiel & Ruby, talking about the good and bad of their charges Dean & Sam

Supernatural, Bela/Ruby#1, trick

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, lost little boy

Supernatural, Dean/teenage!Sam, Like a virgin

Supernatural, Bela/(old) Ruby, Highway to hell

Supernatural, Ruby/Jo, whiskey

Supernatural, Hunter!Jo/Jo, This isn't my first rodeo

Supernatural, Jo/Ruby, little girl

Supernatural, Ellen/(old) Ruby, on first sight

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, angels brought you back to me

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "along the way i fell in love with you" (Park Amsterdam/Sakamoto Maaya)

Supernatural, Dean/Sam, you don't see that every day

Supernatural, evil!Dean/evil!Sam/Castiel, fallen from grace

Supernatural, demon!Dean/demon!Bela/Meg, "Twisted bitches..."

Supernatural, Dean & Mary, "Baby don’t you cry /Gonna make a pie / Hold you forever in the middle of my heart / Gonna bake a pie from heaven above / Gonna be filled with strawberry love"

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Mullet rock collection

Supernatural, Sam & Dean (wee!chesters), trick or treat

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, there's just something about those green vinyl seats...(sex on the school bus)

Supernatural, author's choice, C'thulhu fhtagn

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, music

Supernatural, Dean, the real reason Dean likes pie so much

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, Cupid's arrow

Supernatural, Bela/Ruby, bad girls

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel; furries

Supernatural, John/Ellen/Bill, don't tell the kids

Supernatural, sub!Sam/dom!Dean/teenage!Dean, darkest desire

Supernatural, Sam & Uriel, teach me how to smite

Supernatural, Dean/author's choice, "through the rabbit hole"

Supernatural, evil!Sam/evil!Dean/Castiel, possessive

Supernatural, Castiel/Uriel's vessel being used by Ruby, "You only realised NOW?"

Supernatural, wee!cest Sam&Dean, you don't want to know

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, Cas' first day as a human

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, blessing disguised as a curse

Supernatural, Sam/Dean/Castiel, blindfold

Supernatural, evil!John/Castiel, the things I'm going to do to you

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel/Anna, making angel cake

Supernatural, Wing'Dean/Sam, Your wings is the very best that has happend

Supernatural, Sam/Author's choice, new school

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Charlie's Angels vs. Baywatch

Supernatural, Sam, a present from the angels

Supernatural, Dean/Henrickson, Henrickson was right about the Winchesters

Supernatural, Sam/Dr Cara Roberts Dr Quinn spank the bad boy

Supernatural, Vampire!Sam/Werewolf!Dean, red moon

Supernatural, Ellen/Pamela, introduction

Supernatural, John/wee!Dean, Christmas

Supernatural, John/Mary, seeing her smile

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, gargoyle

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, And then? (Dude, Where's my car)

Supernatural, Dean/Sam, been too long since I saw you smile like that

Supernatural, Dean/Sam/Sammy Puppy's back

Supernatural, John & the boys, they never get one over on him

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, stealing the cherry of Sam's milkshake

Supernatural, Dean, Sam & Castiel, First hunt together

Supernatural, Sam/Madison, while at Stanford Sam *almost* meets Madison in San Francisco

Supernatural, Sam/Andy Gallagher, bitchin' awesome van

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Zeppelin and Pie

Supernatural, Dean/Jo, leather

Supernatural, Dean/Angel!Ellen, she gripped him tight and raised him from Perdition

Supernatural, Sam/OMC, John & Dean want to meet Sam's boyfriend

Supernatural, Tricker!Dean/Sam Be him again

Supernatural, Sam/Dr Cara Roberts, ass checking rimming

Supernatural, Dean/Pamela Barnes, afterlife

Supernatural, Sam/guest-star-from-4.19, because wincest is part of the family business

Supernatural, Anna & Pastor Jim, normal

Supernatural, Mary/John, Holding on to what you've got

Supernatural, Harry/Ed, awkward

Supernatural, Sam/17-years-old!Dean, pie vs. Sex

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Peanut M&Ms

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Cheese

Supernatural, Bela/author's choice, sometimes it's just a good day

Supernatural, demon!Sam/evil!Dean, making nightmares come true

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Led Zeppelin

Supernatural, John/Bobby, Rory/Dean lookalike Sam (Gilmore Girls)

Supernatural, John/Mary, do I dazzle you?

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, superstitious

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, That would so be my superpower

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, witches

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, so you know what joy is?

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, haunted pub

Supernatural, Sam/Dean (ep 4.17), not all of Sam's dreams were of bad things....

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, trombone

Supernatural, Cas-inhabiting-Dean's-body/Jimmy, "one last time"

Supernatural, Lilith/Alistair, Paint the town red

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, Cupid & Psyche

Supernatural, Castiel, serving heaven

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, too hot

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, bespelled

Supernatural, evil!Dean/evil!Sam/Castiel, paperwork

Supernatural, Ruby/Lilith, masterplan

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "of all the crazy things..."

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, '60's cops

Supernatural, Sam/author's choice, needing to live his own life

Supernatural, Azazel, Jack The Ripper

Supernatural, John/author's choice, D-Day landings

Supernatural, Ruby, When the plague was big

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, hunting mammoth

Supernatural, John/author's choice, Salem witch trials

Supernatural, Samuel, Deanna & Mary Campbell, the family business

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Black Betty

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Angel IS watching over you

Supernatural, Ghostfacers, Buffy Breaks (like coffee breaks with more vampires)

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, heaven can't help you if you go faster than Angels fly

Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, appropriate work attitude

Supernatural, John/Mary, silk scarf

Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, "Well *you're* the one with the office..."

Supernatural, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson, how the hell do you get health care coverage when your job is hunting monsters?

Supernatural, Bela/Jo, hunters are all socially inept psychopaths

Supernatural, Werewolf!Dean/Vampire!Sam, the problem of kissing (with fangs)

Supernatural, girl!Dean/Sam, "we're gonna do this my way"

Supernatural, YED/Dean, AU - a conversation in hell

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, A dream Dean will never remember

Supernatural, Sam/Pamela, naughty boy

Supernatural, Dean/anyone, arguing over the show Leverage

Supernatural, Sam/OMC, Sam is a slutty drunk

Supernatural, Dean/Sam, male!Sam in catholic school girl uniform

Supernatural, Sam/girl!Dean, rainy night

Supernatural, girl!Dean/boy!Jo, hunting

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Star Trek Reboot/09

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Men in Black

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Indiana Jones

Supernatural, Castiel/Dean, "I made you a photocopy"

Supernatural, Evil!Dean/Dean/Sam, Never enough

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, "Every time I leave you alone, you're getting into trouble."

Supernatural, Sam, Dean & Castiel, heaven can't help you if you go faster than angel's fly

Supernatural, John, Dean and Sam, Firefly (breaking)

Supernatural, girl!Sam/Dean, "See? I always knew you were a Samantha!"

Supernatural, John/author's choice, don't want to be alone

Supernatural, Ruby/Sam, Once upon a time

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, burns

Supernatural, Castiel/John, peace

Supernatural, Sam/girl!Dean, "Do you have to be such a pussy, Sam?!"

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Pegasus

Supernatural, Castiel/girl!Dean


Angel/Dr. Who, Doctor/Fred, "Didn't I tell you? I'm brilliant!"

Angel/Supernatural, Dean/Lindsey, "if I didn't know you, I'd want to hunt you"

Angel/Supernatural, Lindsey/Dean, curse involving cute fluffy forest creatures

Angel/Supernatural, Lindsey/Lawyer!Sam, evil hand

Angel/Supernatural, Angel/Ruby (can be v1.0 or 2.0), unexpected

Angel/Supernatural, Alistair/Angel, replaceable

Angel/Supernatural, Dean/Lindsey, cocky

Angel/Supernatural, Dean/Lindsey/Lilith!Eve, "you can't have him, bitch"

Angel/Voltaire RPF, Angel & Lorne & Voltaire, Cucumber

Buffy/Firefly, River & Drusilla, Time Travel

Buffy/Supernatural, Dean/Buffy, Vampires

Buffy/Supernatural, Dean/Buffy, Icky Things

Buffy/Supernatural, Spike/Dean, The Sex Pistols

Buffy/Supernatural, Faith/Dean, control

Dr. Who/Supernatural, Ten/Sam/Dean, Duty and destiny

Firefly/RPF, Wash & Joss Whedon, Vampires

Firefly/Supernatural, Bela/Inara, lie with me

Firefly/Supernatural, Sam/River, riddle

Heroes/RPF, Rahm Emanuel/Nathan Petrelli, "I don't like your face, Senator."

Heroes/RPF, Noah Bennet/Rahm Emanuel, more than one way to skin a cat

Heroes/Supernatural, Dean/Sylar, what sort of demon are you?

Real Person Fic/Supernatural, Ruby/Genevieve Cortez, you didn't think it was all pretend, did you?

Star Wars/Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Jedi

Twilight/Supernatural, Dean/Sam/Edward Cullen, Me or them

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