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Wedding Nonsense

I think this note I wrote to the nice people at the Etsy company describes the kind of day I've been having:

To the kind people at Ieie,

This is a bit long, I'm sorry.

So here I am, having a rather bad day and stressing about my wedding, like most crazed brides. You see, I thought I had picked out 4 different dresses and would have a hard time deciding between all of them. Apparently though, once I started looking into the websites they were listed on as someone suggested I found that all 4 different dresses were on fraud sites, chinese wholesale places that are only in business to rip poor impressionable young brides like myself off.

I cried for a bit, pouted and went bridezilla for a while, but then someone suggested I try looking on Etsy. I like Etsy, I like that the money goes directly to the people who make the very creative things here. Many of my friends are Etsy users. It's all good.

But I was still teary for I had been a fool before and surely there wasn't anyone out there who would have anything like what I imagined for the price I had hoped.

Then I saw YOUR store. True, it's a few hundred dollars over what I thought I would be paying-- but my god, the quality and sheer beauty of the design and work you clearly put in to these gowns.

There was nothing that matched the picture I had in my head though. I have always wanted a burgundy and white dress-- and all the ones I've picked out (which you can see here: were kind of very much the same design.

But then I saw a dress that stopped me in my tracks. Everyone tells these tales of just "knowing" when a dress is supposed to be The One, but I've never believed that. A dress is a dress is a dress. But then I never believed in love either before I met my fiance. It's true what they say, when you know, you know.

I CAN NOT stop starring at this page:

Though I keep thinking maybe you could customize it and make some of the pink flowers burgundy. Is that even possible? Would you charge me an arm and a leg for asking for something so extravagant?

I'm on a budget but I am willing to stretch it a little.

I sit here, waiting for your reply now. I can sit here for a while. My wedding's not until June 2014 (maybe 2015 if it gets pushed back again). I'm actually kind of interested in the part where it says "Promotion: $50 off if you're able to wait 5-6 month for your dress."

But I'm still going to be sitting here biting my nails until you reply.

Janet Jongebloed

(...I've also gotten NO sleep which is putting me in a weird mood.)
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Dress related, I actually have a wedding dress that is in near mint condition and worn at the Royal Opera House that I'm trying to sell if you want to take a peak at it. You might need to alter it a little--has a built in cute corset thing.
What's it look like?
Can I send pics on FB? I believe I have some of it worn in the opera, and some as is (though it's wrinkly as a heads up).
It's so pretty!!! And SO you!
Thanks :)
I was kicking myself over $170 on a dress until I had a few people metaphorically shake the crap out of me. Several brides spend thousands of dollars on the gown & alterations alone; so a little flare will be worth it to feel like a princess. Still not feeling very princess-like; but I'm told to keep waiting

(((Really important aside- the train looks gorgeous; but try to see if they can adjust for your height or else you may need it hemmed/adjusted))))
Yeah, I'm judging everything I do against my sister's huge wedding she had when everyone in my family was alive. No matter what I do, I'll probably never feel like a princess. I feel much more like we're having some sort of post apocolypse wedding and making do with what we have-- it's stupid but it gets to me after a while, and then I do stupid things like spend way much more than I should on things like this, but then I feel like I can get out of the shadow of my past and focus on how pretty my new things are. It's all very materialistic and stupid, I'm sure.

And they make the dress to your measurements, so hopefully I'll save on any future adjustments and not have to worry about how tiny I am. heh.
It's just madness and people create a bigger hoopla then is often necessary IMHO. I actually did a head count and realized out of 24 people, 5 will be there for me. It's a bummer but I kept it tiny to avoid drama and invite mishaps.

Turns out mine is longer then I'd hoped but it also wasn't custom made. Have you showed Dan the dresses/dress ideas? If so; what does he think? There are a few dress places around here (like Estelle's on 110) which may have dresses to check out/try on in your style.
Smaller head count just means you get to spend more time with the people that matter most. :)

I'm very superstitious so Dan won't be seeing the dress until the ceremony. I did tell him of today's adventures though, and we were both excited about it, both wanted him to see it, but both knew it had to wait. It's funny, he's my best friend so I want to go running over to tell him everything and show him everything, but.. can't.

I was thinking of checking some places around here out, but it's such a hassle to go anywhere outside the neighborhood these days without a car. And since I don't want him bringing me because I don't want him to see the dress, I would have to bum rides with other people. I order almost everything but food on the Internet these days just so I don't have to bother anyone by my lame not-having-a-car thing.
I know some couples won't stay in the same house the night before or see each other the day of. My sister was a little mortified because I'm probably getting ready at home with Brian 5 feet away. To each their own..

I get the no-car annoyance. Will you be having a bridal party? if so, that's where those ladies come in handy. ;) dress shopping & other merriment
I will be sleeping over at my aunt's and actually keeping my dress over at her house until the wedding. heh. But I'm a very superstitious person in general. I have to keep it in check or I become OCD about everything from walking under ladders, having black cat's cross my path and other such nonsense.

I have 5 people who will be my maid of honor and bridesmaids. I've only asked my maid of honor (my aunt) so far though since we don't even know what year we're having it anymore (September 2014, which we planned, fell through because the person walking me down the aisle won't be around from August - November... I want to push it up to June 2014 instead, but he thinks that's too soon and wants to push it back to June 2015.. the debating continues..).
June 2014 is totally doable but fancier venues may start getting booked up soon. (however a lot of the larger venues do a lot for you which requires less major planning & DIY on your parts)